Recipes | Lenten Pasta Flora Tart with Apricot Jam

Lenten Pasta Flora Tart with Apricot Jam



1 cup corn oil
1/3 cup sugar
½ cup orange juice
2 tbs brandy
½ cup apricot jam
1 packet self-raising flour (500 g)


Warm the corn oil and dissolve the sugar. Put the sugar mixture, brandy and orange juice in the mixer and gradually add the flour, mixing well until it forms a soft dough. Grease a 28 cm round baking pan and evenly spread 3/4 of the dough. Spread the apricot jam over the dough. With the remaining dough, knead long strips and place them perpendicular to each other over the jam to form diamond shapes. Bake in a preheated oven at 180oC for 50 minutes. When cool, cut into pieces and serve. Sift icing sugar over the top if desired.

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